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Happy 2011

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The picture pretty much sums up my resolution for this year. FUN! For the past couple of days there’s a song that keeps playing in my mind. It’s Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Yep, the anthem of thousands of girls of the 80s is now my theme song for this year.

Lets begin with some of the things I’ve learned/realized in 2010.

a. Life is short, shit happens and thigh-high boots rock.

b. As a romantic suspense writer I suck. And that’s okay.

c. Good friends are hard to find and they are so worth keeping in your life.

So, what’s going to happen this year?

Since I don’t have a crystal ball I can’t say for sure. But I know what I want to do this year.

a. Give up the ghost. I’ve been struggling with revisions on this R/S manuscript for so long. It’s time for it to be put into a drawer. It’s time to move onto something else. While I know writing isn’t always fun, for the first time I’ve dreaded writing, I’ve busied myself with other things just to have no time to write. I want to enjoy writing again. I want to have fun again.

b. I will revise and edit a short mystery story I have and submit it in hopes it will be selected for an anthology. My deadline is the end of January.

c. I will begin a new mystery series. What I’ll say about it is that it is fun (of course) it involves a pampered Shih-Tzu and a struggling freelance writer. And ideas for more stories featuring the dynamic, fashionable duo keep coming. I got one just the other day after watching a Jerseylicious mini-marathon. LOL.

c. I will focus my blogging energies on this blog only. You see, in an attempt to keep myself too busy to write I started a fitness blog and a cooking blog. Just a heads up, you might be seeing a few of those posts here since I’m no longer posting on those blogs. I’ll be too busy with writing to maintain 3 blogs.

d. I will join my local RWA chapter and connect with other mystery writers in my town. I miss the social aspect of meeting with other writers. That will change in 2011.

e. I will write consistently. I can’t get to “the end” without writing everything that comes before it. BICHOK. That’s me this year. 🙂

That’s about all for now. I hope that this new year brings you nothing but joy and happiness. And a lot of FUN too.

Happy New Year,





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