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New Year, New Class

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I’m starting this year off with a new class over at Savvy Authors. The class is Writing A Mystery. I figured that by taking the class I would focus this month on plotting my new mystery. I think it sounds like a solid plan. There are two instructors, Misa Ramirez and Tonya Kappes. The first lesson was posted today as was the first homework assignment, which I’m pleased to say I’ve completed. It was to share with everyone the type of mystery we’re writing and why we’ve chosen that type.

My mystery is an amateur sleuth story. My sleuth finds herself a suspect in a murder of the woman who recently fired her. I love amateur sleuth stories because it’s the ultimate ordinary person caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Think about it. What would you do if you found yourself smack in the middle of a murder investigation? The logical answer I guess would be hire a very good lawyer. But that doesn’t make for good fiction unless the lawyer is really the killer and he’s messing up your defense on purpose. LOL. Hey, you never know.

It’s getting close to bedtime for me so this post is brief, very brief. But I posted (and that’s one of my goals for this year)!



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