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Recovering from Surgery


The week of Christmas one of my Shih-Tzus fell while in the care of someone else. The fall resulted in a fractured jaw which required surgery. The surgeon inserted a plate into Billy’s jaw. The animal hospital I had to take him to for this surgery is about an hour from my house but worth every minute of travel. Billy came home on the 23rd heavily medicated, a little thin and drooling. Oh, yeah, he had to wear one of those cones. Below is a picture of him the afternoon he came home.

For a couple of days he could barely eat. I fed him pumpkin puree with water to make a pumpkin soup and then I made soup out of his canned food with chicken broth. For those first few days he looked so bad I spent most of the time crying. And my other Shih-Tzu spent most of her time staying away from conehead.

The side of his face was swollen and his teeth were shifted and since he was barely eating he got thinner. Our Christmas plans changed, we couldn’t travel with him in that condition. We still haven’t given them their Christmas gifts yet. Slowly his appetite came back, he was able to eat easier and he started to act like his old self. And this past Friday his suture was removed. Yet, the cone remains.

In order to remove the suture he needed to be shaved again and I guess it’s itchy because he has been trying to scratch the area. So until his hair grows back the cone stays on. I will say, he’s a sport about it. When I approach him with it he simply slides his head into it without any resistance. Billy truly is a good dog.

While I hate what happened to him, I know it could have been worse. I’m grateful that we had a skilled surgeon operate on him, I’m grateful the hospital staff was so dedicated and kind to us, I’m grateful that friends and family ask, email, text and call to check on him. He also has been getting Facebook well-wishes.

In six weeks he goes for another set of x-rays to make sure his jaw has set correctly. Fingers crossed all goes well and that the cone is no longer needed way before then. 🙂

Now, I’d hate for Susie to feel left out. So here’s a picture of her curled up on her bed for a nap.

As Billy recovers things are getting back to normal in our home and hopefully we will never have to go through this type of trauma ever again. There’s a part of me that never wants to let either one of them out of my sight but that is unrealistic. Accidents happen but I think what makes it worse is that a dog can’t tell you what happened. I hate that part. I guess I’ll have to dig deep to find the strength to leave Billy and Susie with the people I trust. Luckily I’ll have a few more weeks to work on that.

Before I forget:

100×100 update: Day 7, 107 words.




Author: Debra


4 thoughts on “Recovering from Surgery

  1. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful pair of lovely friends you have. I understand completely how you feel. My writing partner, Jasper, is my best friend and confident. He also happens to be a rat terrier/chihuahua mix. I hope Billy continues to improve and can get rid of the worrisome cone as soon as possible. Give both Billy and Susie a hug from Maeve.


  2. Hi Maeve,

    Thanks so much for you well wishes. I will pass them along to Billy. Your Jasper sounds adorable & I love his name. They do make awesome writing companions, don’t they?

    Have a great day,

  3. Awww, poor puppy!!! We are dog people, too. My husband’s dog (siberian husky) is about 12 and only has a few more months to live. My dog (poodle) is my shadow. She is my baby and is always with me. She listens to me and cocks her head when I talk to her so I know she is listening. Amazing how totally and completely we love our animals isn’t it? They become our family. I know how upsetting this had to be for you and I’m sorry that your family had to endure this during the holidays. I hope your little guy gets better fast! He’ll be running around chasing Susie in no time!

  4. Hi Laura,

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s husky. I can’t imagine those last few months. Heartbreaking. Like your poodle, Billy is my shadow (Susie is a bit more independent) and I love it.
    When he was in the hospital I was a little lost without him following me.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit.


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