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Fit Writer – The Basics Revisited

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January 1st has come and gone and for some of us so have our resolutions. It seems the most popular category of resolutions is fitness. Lose weight, tone up, eat healthier. You know the drill.

My friends know I love to exercise. You read correctly. I love it. So you can imagine my frustration when I can’t exercise. And that has recently happened to me. Christmas baking/prepping. Days spent in vet’s offices the week of Xmas. Caring for Billy when he came home. Not wanting to leave him, he couldn’t be on the sofa so that meant I needed to keep an eye on him. Then snow, more snow. Trying to catch-up on everything that I let slide because of Christmas & Billy.

The past week I have been able to get a few session in on my treadmill. You see, I haven’t exercised much because I couldn’t not because I had the time and chose not to (kinda like writing, life happens and there are times when you can’t write but then there are other times when you could have written but you chose not too). So I’m not beating myself up for not working out. I’m just getting antsy.

Even though I’ve had sessions on my treadmill I miss my aerobic and strength training DVD workouts. My plan for this week is to break a couple out and use them. Right now I’m thinking of the soreness I’ll feel after those workouts. And I can’t wait. Seriously.

As I salivate at the thought of my workouts this week, I’m reminded of the basics of weight-loss and since the chaos that has gripped my life these past few weeks has finally ceased, I can get back on track with the basics.

For me there are three Basics:

Food – Lower calories, lower fat intake, more grains, fruits and veggies. Instead of reaching for chips (even if they are made with whole grains) reach for fruit. Give chocolate (yeah, I know that dark chocolate is good for you but that doesn’t give us license to eat a half bag of Dove Dark Chocolate) the kiss-off and you’ll hips will be thankful. A veggie with lunch and dinner is a good thing. Water is a better alternative to soft drinks, but I have to admit it never fills me up. When I’m revisiting the basics, I keep a food journal of everything that I eat – I mean everything.

Exercise – Plain and simple, we have to move. Ideally we should be exercising three times a week after you check with your doctor. I prefer 4-5 times a week at least for 45 minutes. Exercise shouldn’t be our only activity. We should walk whenever we can – park further, enter the grocery store at the other end of the building rather than the side where the milk you need is, take stairs when you can. Our bodies were meant to move and we sit enough during the day. Another benefit to exercising is that it can clear your mind and help you if your stalled in your current WIP. While getting back into a workout routine I mark my workouts on a calendar. It keeps me honest and it makes me like I’ve accomplished something.

Consistency – Set a schedule and stick to it. Just like with your writing. If you are mindful of what you eat and how much you move you will see positive results. I think we’re so wrapped up in instant gratification that we don’t give ourselves enough time to be successful just enough time to fail.

I’m going to be keeping the Basics in mind over the next few weeks as I get back into the swing of fitness. For me, there’s no magic formula or potion. It’s all about keeping yourself accountable and putting in some time and sweat.

Next time in the Fit Writer post we’ll discuss workout options.



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