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Routines Anyone?



Do you have a writing routine?

This was a recent discussion over at the Girlfriend’s Book Club. 18 novelists shared their writing routines or lack of routine. Currently I have no routine and it’s frustrating. But next month I will have one because I that’s when I will be starting the first draft of my new manuscript. I typically write in the evening for about an hour. Previously, I’ve experimented with setting goals for pages or word count. I find I’m more comfortable with a page goal but I think word count is more accountable. I can put twenty words on a page and call it a day. 🙂 As of this moment, I’m not sure which goal I’ll be using but I know I’ll be getting back into my routine shortly.

So, what’s your writing routine?



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2 thoughts on “Routines Anyone?

  1. Hey, Debra! Your posts have such ENERGY! And that’s exactly what I”m lacking at the moment! So, first of all, THANKS for that.
    My writing routine, when I’m in the groove — and I’m also not there yet, but starting next month — is to write every weekday. The weekends I consider “bonuses.” I don’t do word count or anything beyond just writing for at least an hour every morning, more when I can. I love to write. I write just about every other day now on my blog. But the mystery novel calls…
    I look forward to your daily posts!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for stopping by. Looks like the both of us will begin writing regularly next month. I’ve been thinking about daily goal and I’ve decided that I will have a weekly goal of 15 pages. That’s either writing everyday or writing more a few days during the week. From previous experience I think page count will work better for me than word count. And a weekly page count will lessen the pressure of having to write everyday. And if I do, then those will be bonus pages. 🙂

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