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Favorite Spots on the Web

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I thought today I’d share with you some of the places I visit on the web.

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood

This blog is made up of the Golden Heart Finalists of 2009. Their posts are informative, educational, inspirational and enjoyable. They also host a Winter Writing Festival, complete with prizes. Check them out if you haven’t found them already.

Jeannie Rausch’s Happy Endings Blog

Jeannie started this blog on her own and in 2008 she decided to turn it into a community blog offering more voices and experiences for all the readers of Happy Endings. I visit this blog daily.

Grammar Divas

The Grammar Divas provide practical advice and expert guidance on grammar specific for the fiction writer. A definite must-visit blog. Maybe one day their advice will sink into my head. Until then, I guess I’ll be visiting very, very often.

Healthy Writer

Of course, I’d recommend a fitness blog dedicated to writers. 🙂 This is a community blog that share info on keeping healthy & fit while pursuing a very sedentary career.

And finally the MOST ADDICTIVE site. Just remember, you have been warned.

Cute Overload

OMG. Too cute for words, you just have to visit.


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One thought on “Favorite Spots on the Web

  1. Thanks for the tips – I love the Grammar Divas but some of the other ones were new.

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