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Creating the Effective Book Business Plan Class


This past week I took a 5 day intensive workshop titled Creating the Effective Book Business Plan at SavvyAuthors and taught by Deborah Riley-Magnus.
During the five days there were lessons and assignments. Since I’m not published yet, why would I take such a class?

Well, Ms. Riley-Magnus had this to say on day one: “Writing a Book Business Plan is as important as writing your book.”

She’s right.

Today there are authors being published by NY houses, digital publishers, independent presses and by self-pub companies over at Amazon. Competition for readers, their $$ and a spot in their e-reader is fierce.

Preparation is key.

I thought today I’d share a brief overview of what the course consisted of.

At the beginning Ms. Riley-Magnus identified 9 elements that we need to consider about our book. She pointed out that #3 on the list is the most important.

If you can’t tell someone what your book is about in 25 words you cimply don’t know what the power of it really is.

Guess what the assignment was? That’s right. I had to write a 25 word pitch. Yep, 25 words to describe my book. I did it and I got good feedback from Deb.

Then we moved onto the identifying subject hooks and selling handles. I know, I see your forehead crinkling.

Subject hook – this makes the reader want to read your book
Selling handle – how you will sell your book

Then we moved onto Exposure and Promotional Plans.

Exposure = Attention
Attention = Awareness
Awareness = Sales

But in the class we learned how to get the attention that we all need when we have a book out. We also learned that Promotion and Publicity need to co-exist in order for each to be effective.

If your shy, you need to get over that. Especially in today’s market place.

We were given a timetable on what to do and when to do it to spread the word about our book. She suggests that if you have a print book coming out you begin your campaign three months prior to the release date. For a e-book, it’s two weeks out. The goal is to become visible, create demand for your book and pre-sell as many copies as possible.

Another lesson was on Platforms. No, I’m not talking Prada platform pumps. I’m talking Author and Book.

The Author Platform is you. You are the brand. Everything you do to connect with your readers is your platform. Make it good.

The Book Platform is everything that promotes the book. Make it good.

While these two platforms are different, they do rely upon each other for your success.

She ended the workshop with Press Release Kits how-to, understanding the professionals around you who can help build your career and how to use them effectively.

This was my second with Ms. Riley-Magnus and it was awesome. The amount of knowledge she shared and the advice she gave was incredible. I’ve come away from the class with a better understanding of how to promote myself and my to-be published book.

If you have the opportunity to take a class with her, I highly recommend it.


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5 thoughts on “Creating the Effective Book Business Plan Class

  1. This is some really great information! Thanks so much for posting it!


  2. Great information and so helpful.

  3. I made a business plan last October, and I’ve never been so busy. It’s really helped focus my attention and helped me define what I need to do. I had no idea it would propel me so much, but it certainly has!

    It’s also helped me deal with the disappointments, because I realise I’m on a 10-year plan, not a 1-book plan.

    Nice to meet you! (I’m here from the A-Z group)

  4. My comment isn’t really about this post, it’s about your dog up on your header. They are soooo cute! I’ve got 3 shih tzus, and I just love that breed. That is all. 🙂

  5. Looking forward to your A to Z posts!

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