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Fit Writer – Workout Options


The Romance Writer’s Report (RWA’s monthly magazine) has a new feature called the Well Writer. It focuses on health and fitness of writers. Today we are fortunate because we have so many different workout options that weren’t available a generation ago. There is something for everyone regardless of time constraints or fitness level.

So, lets dig right into what’s out there.


No learning curve here. Lace up your sneakers and get moving. Start off easy then increase distance and duration.


From step to kickboxing to traditional aerobics, you can get your heart rate up with so many different workouts you’ll never be bored. A fave of mine is rebounding. I highly recommend an Urban Rebounder. I found the best offer over at HSN.

Strength training

Machines, free weights, resistance bands. All will give you a good workout and help you build muscle. Ladies, don’t be afraid of a little muscle. Muscle burns fat. Gotta love it!

Dance aerobics

I’m not talking your mom’s Jazzercise. We’re talking CoreRhythms & Zumba & Tracey Anderson.


Ahhh. Breathe deeply and reach beyond your toes. Balance (body and mind), flexibility and strength all combined into a graceful workout.


This supercharge type of workout is all about speed. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the combination of low to moderate intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals.

Every writer (unless physically restricted) should do some type of exercise. This A-Z challenge shouldn’t be your only challenge. Grab a friend, fellow writer or find a group online and create a workout challenge to keep motivation high.

Did I miss your type of workout? If so, share.

E = Exercise



Author: Debra


2 thoughts on “Fit Writer – Workout Options

  1. I like the new feature in the RWA mag. You could also add cycling. I enjoy cycling most days.

  2. Hi Shelley,

    Cycling. It’s a great workout indoors or out.

    Thanks for visiting!

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