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Six-Sentence Sunday – 4/16


Thanks for stopping by this week. I have another six sentences to share with you. The snippets I’m posting are from my romantic suspense and in this selection, you are going to meet the hero.

Wick Adams wiped away the sweat from his brow, wishing he could do the same with the fatigue that plagued his muscles. His general contracting business had hit a wall five years ago after his personal was turned upside down. Just when he thought he was back on the road to financial recovery the housing market tanked along with the economy. Since work had begun to pick up a few months ago, he’d been working fourteen hour days split between three jobs and an extra one helping Forbes.

“Boy, you look beat,” Forbes Ackley said as he entered the dining room.

Wick stepped away from the window where he was finishing trim. Forbes had taught him everything he knew about carpentry and contracting. So when Forbes needed an extra hand, Wick was there. “Nah, I’m good.”

For those of you who are new to Six-Sentence Sunday, here’s what you need to know:

1) pick a project – a current Work in Progress, contracted work or even something readers can buy if you’re published

2) pick six sentences

3) post ‘em on Sunday

See? Easy. Want to join in? See the site for information on how to do just that: Six-Sentence Sunday.


Author: Debra


7 thoughts on “Six-Sentence Sunday – 4/16

  1. Nice six. Good character background.

  2. Good introduction to the character. I like his work ethic but wan to see him catch a break.

  3. Excellent description – I felt weary just reading it!

  4. Gosh! Sounds like he’s been through rough times. It’s got to get better!

  5. A great look at his character! I like him already!

  6. Interesting and definitely want to read more.

  7. What a tease! 🙂 This leaves quite the anticipation for the whole book.

    I’ll have to just read along your six posts because I don’t have a current books or work-in-progress books to post six sentences from.

    I guess I could try to do my screenplays or something, but readers can’t buy them, lol, so actually…maybe that won’t work….unless I made them by the end of the year and then people could get the movie or DVD.

    Ah, well.

    It was nice visiting your blog in this A2ZC

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