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Six Sentence Sunday 10/9


Another Sunday and another chance to post 6 sentences. Thanks for stopping by today, leave a comment and I’ll come over and visit your blog to check out your 6 sentences.

Cassie had hit a dead end. She exhaled deeply before she opened the driver’s side door and tossed her bag onto the backseat. After she slid onto the seat and started the ignition, Cassie glanced one last time at the Bradley house before driving away.

The pristine white Victorian house was well-maintained and solid, just like the wall the Bradley’s had put up to keep Cassie at bay. Five years ago she labeled Amy Lansing a victim and pointed America to the man she believed was responsible for the teenager’s disappearance. Determined to make a name for herself, Cassie never considered the possibility Amy may not have been a victim and Ben Adams was an innocent man.

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Author: Debra


2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 10/9

  1. Looks like this is the start of an interesting story.

  2. Very interesting – I want to know more! 🙂

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