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New Year’s Resolution – How Not to Drive Yourself Crazy


With Christmas behind us it’s now time to think about the new year we’re about to ring in. And with the new year comes resolutions. Love them or hate them, we make them. And they range from fitness to personal relationships to work matters. But, there’s a resolution we probably never make, but it can easily be the end result of some of our other resolutions. And as writers, we can have some pretty hardcore resolutions when it come to our writing. So, how do we avoid the crazy factor?

1. Goal – BIAW can be done every month because we are going to be SO productive in 2012.
Reality – Be realistic & honest about how much you can devote to your writing. You don’t have to keep up with Susie “fast-fingers” Writer who turns out a new manuscript every other week.

2. Goal – Self-publish all those BIAW babies
Reality – Self-publishing has received a make-over and it now very attractive to many writers and is now know as Independent publishing. However, Indie may not be for every writer. When you decide to go Indie, you are accepting all the responsibilities of a publisher on top of the responsibilities of a writer. If you can barely squeak out a manuscript in a year, do you think you can publish it? If you do, make sure you have a solid plan in place & best of luck!

3. Goal -Set daily, weekly, monthly goals that will rock our writing because they will keep us focus
Reality – Goals are great to keep us focused. So we shouldn’t set unreasonable ones that we can’t accomplish. And you need to keep balance in your life. Your writing goals shouldn’t keep you from living your life. Writers need to get out of their writing caves and their heads on a regular basis. Otherwise, who will you base your characters on?

4. Goal -Get organized and track your word count,sales, promotional events, etc. on a color-coded spreadsheet on a daily basis.
Reality – It’s a great idea to keep track of your production, of your sales and everything else related to writing but spreadsheet love can lead to obsession. Use spreadsheet to bring calm to the world of chaos writing is. It’s a tool for you, not a crutch.

5. Goal – Promote more this year, get aboard every possible blog tour and post your way to best-sellerdom.
Reality – More and more it seems that published authors are the ones responsible for promoting their books and unpubbed are expected to have a marketing plan and an online prescence already established when they submit their work. But, all of this takes time and it means that when we’re blog hopping, we’re not writing. Be smart and selective because only you can protect your work.

There you have it, my 5 ways not to drive yourself crazy next year when you set your writing goals. Trust me, there will be other opportunities to be driven crazy so you don’t have to worry about it. Best of luck when you sit down to list what you want to accomplish next year and how you plan to do it. I’ll be doing that very soon and yes, I will share with you.

Happy Writing,


Author: Debra


5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution – How Not to Drive Yourself Crazy

  1. Thank you for all of these great tips. They will make excellent resolutions for the coming year. Makes me want to get out my pen and get to work now!

  2. *hangs head in shame* I admit it–I suffer from spreadsheet obsession. In fact, I purposely made my goals more relaxed so I COULDN’T track them on a spreadsheet this year! Lol!

    These are all fantastic tips and I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s always more important that writers be realistic with their goals and their own writing processes than to try to keep up with everyone else.

    Good luck on your goals for 2012!

  3. Love it: perception versus reality! Thanks, needed that!

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Spreadsheets are easy to become addicted to especially when you add color to them. LOL.


  5. Hi P.J.,

    Thanks for visiting. I hope you achieve all of your goals for 2012.


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