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Six Sentence Sunday, 2/26/12


Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. My hero, Wick, holds himself responsible for something that wasn’t his fault. Forbes, his mentor, is trying to remind him of that.

“I hear you.Just remember what happened wasn’t your fault.”
Wick pushed away the suggestion. He was responsible. He’d let his family down. He should have done a better job at protecting them against the so-called journalists who worked for rags like the Coverage Magazine. Sheffield.

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Author: Debra


4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday, 2/26/12

  1. thanks for your comment! yes so true people take the blame for things when they didn’t commit a fault.

  2. I like Wick and I hope Forbes will talk some sense into him!

  3. Intriguing. I wonder what happened?

  4. Guilt is such a strong emotion! I’m definitely curious about why the journalists were after Wick’s family. Good six.

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