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Six Sentence Sunday – 3/4/12

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I didn’t have the chance yesterday to link up officially with Six Sentence yesterday because I was busy…writing. I’ve been on a writing binge, just ask my critique partner. In just a few days I submitted a short story (which I plan on submitting to a mystery anthology) and a chapter to be critiqued, with another one tonight. Last weekend I was inspired, motivated, captivated by a new idea. But in order for me to work on this new idea I need to clear the decks, so to speak. I have a manuscript that needs to be revised (almost there, almost there) and another one that needs to be dusted off and revised, revamped and polished and, finally, a third that needs to be written. You see, the two last manuscripts are connected to the first. So before I can move forward on a whole new story, the current ones need to be finished. I don’t want to be one of those writers who has a stash of unfinished manuscripts. Nope, not me.

Well, I need to get back to work so here are my six sentences. They come from the scene where my hero first sees my heroine. Enjoy!

Wick heard a set of keys land on the table by the door and footsteps click across the hardwood floor into the living room. When he reached the foyer, he walked to the living room where he saw her standing with her back to him. Long honey-blonde hair was gathered back in a sparkly clip and soft curls grazed the shoulders of a beige jacket. From head to toe, she was long and lean with curves and her brown pants fit her bottom just right. The three inch heels of her sandals added to her long, slim legs. He watched as she removed her jacket to reveal toned arms in a sleeveless blue camisole.

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