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A Short-Story and A Workout

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My workout last night was The Firm’s Super Sculpting video. This workout is solid and tough, especially if you use heavier weights. It’s one of my favorites. Actually, I have very few Firms that I don’t love. The workout alternates between upper and lower body which keeps your heart rate up during the entire workout. Four instructors keep you moving through lunges, squats, lunges, biceps, triceps, more squats. Heavy weight, lower weight. It’s whatever works for you, where you are strength wise. When it was over, I definitely feel like I did a workout.


For writing, last night I got through half of pages of my short-story, incorporating E’s comments. The woman is a genius. I’d written the short-story a couple of years ago and it definitely needed another set of eyes. Sure there was a lot of red print on the pages, but if it makes the final result better then it’s all good.

Tonight after dinner, I hit the treadmill. The weather turned nasty very quickly. It got cooler and damper. We’re supposed to have rain later tonight. Once I was done with my workout I got down to business with the rest of my short-story. I finished making the edits and over the weekend I’ll print out the pages and read through. Then it’s off in the mail with my fingers crossed.


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