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One Productive Morning

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Yesterday was a beautiful day in Connecticut. I took the pups out to a garden center that has a petting zoo. Well, you really can’t pet the animals. But the dogs love to look at the animals. The goats were very interested in Susie & Billy. The baby goats were just a little bit bigger than my Shih-Tzus. I do have pictures, but I can’t figure how to get them off my phone. The whole email thing is screwed up. I try to set-up my email on the phone but Google says I don’t have an account. I do. Oh, well. I’ll keep trying.

Since yesterday was so busy with being out and about with the pups (after lunch we headed out for an hour walk) I didn’t get to my revisions. So I decided today would be different. I had an early appointment with my dentist, 8am. Honestly, that’s a little too early to be at the dentist office but now I’m glad I went that early. I was out of there by 8:30 and I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee. I think the last time I was at DD was around Christmas. So I was very surprised to see that they remodeled. It looks like Starbucks now. Anyway, I got my coffee and drove home.

I went straight to the study and turned on my computer and got to work. BICHOK. I revised one chapter and sent it to my crit partner. Then I started revising the next chapter. So far my day has been very productive. This revision is almost done and I can’t wait. I want to get started on the second manuscript because I am dying to work on the third manuscript. I finally figured out the story and I now can see and hear the opening of that book. I really, really, really want to write it.

It’s time for another cup of coffee.



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One thought on “One Productive Morning

  1. I love days like that when things can get done.

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