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NaNo Anyone?


I never thought I would ever seriously consider doing NaNo but this year I’m seriously thinking about it. Today I went to a plot/planning event at a local eatery and met some interesting people. Fellow writers. The Leader is doing his 10th NaNo. He seemed like a sane person. 🙂 There was another writer who had done NaNo at least five times and two other writers just like me who hadn’t done NaNo.

Right now as I sit with my laptop I’m still not sure if I will attempt to write my next first draft in the month of November. I guess I’ll know by October 31st.

Have you done NaNo and lived to tell about it? What was it like? How did you survive?



Author: Debra


4 thoughts on “NaNo Anyone?

  1. DO IT! Its insane, stressful, difficult, mentally stressful but totally worth it. Its about 1667 words a day. I have tried 3 or 4 times, and won once. But the reality was, I had more writing done by the end of the month than I would have had without it. So, go for it! I plan to do it this year. I have to finish a manuscript, about 40,000 words (more or less) and a new one to start so i plan to do it. Join the insanity!

  2. Yeah, 1667 words a day. We all got a little booklet that mapped out the word count totals as the month goes on. What the heck! It’s only for one month. I’m in.

  3. Good luck! I’m a NaNo veteran at this point, and I’ve signed up to be a local ML for the first time this year.

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