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Author Meet Murray


There I was BICHOK (for non-writers translation – Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard) beginning chapter six of my new WIP. The heroine is being driven to the hero’s house and they enter. I had this vision of a contemporary home with a massive stone fireplace, masculine furniture and some family photos (he’s a family guy) and then out of nowhere Murray appeared.

Who is Murray?

The hero’s mutt, of course.

Did I know he had a dog?

Nope. No clue. Murray just appeared. It seemed right at the moment and it turns out that later in the evening Murray made the rounds to check on the house and ended up in the guest room with the heroine and of course the hero comes looking for Murray. Some could argue that Murray is a device but he’s a device with big brown eyes and a wagging tail, so who could resist?

While writing, has a character ever just appeared on the paper or computer screen? Did you go with it or nudge the character off the page and continue on with your writing?

I’ve decided that I’m keeping Murray.



Author: Debra


2 thoughts on “Author Meet Murray

  1. Yes! They’re the most fun. Characters who burst formed into your head like an exciting new stranger.

  2. Yes, I routinely have characters who showed up before I knew they were going to appear. Especially during Nanowrimo events.

    In the Harry Dresden book I’m reading now, Harry has to take care of a mystical temple dog through a misunderstanding in the first few chapters, and I’m wondering if there’s going to be a big plot payoff for the puppy, because he’s sort of just been a running joke so far. šŸ™‚

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