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To Sprint or Not to Sprint

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I’m currently taking a class over at SavvyAuthors, Writing a Short Story for an Anthology Call Out with Louisa Bacio. One of the assignments has been to do a writing sprint. Set aside an hour of writing and write 1,000 words. I decided to give it a try. Last night I wrote just over a 1,000 words for my novella, which has a projected word count of 12,000 words. This writing was fast and the end result wasn’t pretty. But I have new words to polish and edit. Inspired by my successful sprint last night, I did a mini-one this evening. And right now I have 5,013 words total. The line I am targeting has a minimum word count of 10,000. So I’m halfway there. Woo-hoo.

I’ll be sprinting again.



Author: Debra


One thought on “To Sprint or Not to Sprint

  1. I’m a big fan of writing sprints and word wars, but 1000 words in one hour is pretty hard-core. Good luck!

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