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Is It Spring Yet?


Let me tell you that when cabin fever and spring fever collide it ain’t pretty.

I want this:

June July 2011 049

June July 2011 056

October2011 083

But I have this:

011210 007

012611 001

So I did this: (shopping)

021813 029

But I should have been doing this:

Oct 22 2012 027

Looks like Billy is just taking all in stride:

021813 030

In true Susie character she’s just doing her thing:

021813 B 002
So are you dealing with cabin or spring fever or both? Is so, what are you doing to make it through to the first day of spring?



Author: Debra


2 thoughts on “Is It Spring Yet?

  1. Love the pictures!!! Cabin fever is certainly interfering with motivation to write. I just want to hunker down and hibernate!

  2. Yeah, I’m still struggling through the February blahs, but I’m still getting some good stuff done. Just trying to rev myself up to Nanoedmo levels of revision today! 🙂

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