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Today I…


Today I was totally frustrated with this blog. For some reason my photos won’t upload properly, all I get is a file name to click on in order to open up the photograph.

Today I’m finishing up my early start to spring cleaning. One of the things I spent some time on was my exercise video/dvd collection. I did manage to part with some of them. ( I would have shared a picture, but I am unable to due to reasons I don’t know).

Today I Facetimed (not sure if that’s really a word) with my CP, Ellie.

Today I got the pups out twice. First, we ran an errand to get their food. Then later in the day I got them out for a walk. Great day for a walk.

Today I worked on two chapters with the feedback Ellie gave me. I’m really loving this story. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Today I hit the bike for another 20 minutes. We got an exercise bike last week. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

So, what did you do today?



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2 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Today I realized that I’d lost an hour to the Spring Forward. (I guess I’ve been a bit out of touch, that I didn’t realize it was this weekend.)

    Today I went to the grocery store and stocked up on plenty of supplies.

    Today I made a rather nice pasta sauce and stowed most of it in the fridge, including one pre-made bottle of Ditali and sauce to take to the office for lunch tomorrow.

    Today I finished labelling the rubbermaid Totes with index numbers so I can figure out which box I want based on the inventory files I typed up, and did some work on inventorying my CD and DVD wallets as well.

    Today I went down to the coffee shop on the pier to meet with Elizabeth Twist, got some editing done there and read a story that I want to critique.

    Today I walked around for exercise, both while I was at the pier and back home.

    Even one hour short, it’s been a pretty productive Sunday.

  2. It does sound like you had a productive day! Have a good week.

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