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Five Things About Nikki

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I’m thinking a lot about the heroine of my current WIP these days. She’s in kinda a tough spot right now. Lets just say that body number two is on the horizon.

Knowing your characters is essential to writing a character driven story. So in thinking about Nikki as I write her story and get to know her, I’ve come up with five things about her that I didn’t know when I started the book.

1. She’s a yogi. She’s a certified yoga teacher.
2. She doesn’t like knitting (when I started the book she did).
3. She lost her best friend when she needed a friend the most.
4. She likes country music.
5. She volunteers.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Nikki as I continue to write her story.

Small Talk

What things did you learn about your heroine/hero that you didn’t know when you started writing your book?



Author: Debra


One thought on “Five Things About Nikki

  1. Hmm… I guess I didn’t realize how handy Jack, the MC of “Time Bubble Blues”, was until I was well into writing his story.

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