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Cavatelli & Broccoli

What’s cooking in Connecticut tonight? Cavatelli and broccoli. I love this dish but I haven’t made it in ages and I don’t know why because it’s so easy and fast. I was first introduced to this dish of pasta, broccoli, garlic and olive oil by my neighbor Barbara. She’s a fabulous cook and like a good Italian mom there’s always plenty of food in her house. This gal has been known to pop over for dinner every now and again. 🙂

Lets get cooking. But first, be forewarned that there are exactly precise measurements for this passed-down recipe. I’ll do my best.

Frozen cavattelli and broccoli are cooked together in a big pot of water. Then grab a wedge of Parmesan cheese.

Grate the cheese.

Then combine a 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/4 canola oil with garlic cloves (do this according to taste, if you like a lot of garlic put in a lot of garlic). Pop the mixture into the microwave for one minute and then let cool.

Strain the cavatelli and brocoli.

Spoon cavatelli and broccoli into serving bowl (this is one of my new ones, I just love it, it’s Rachael Ray) and add the oil and garlic mixture, salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste (see no measurements for this) and the grated Parmesan. Toss until all the pasta and broccoli are evenly coated.

Dinner time! I served the pasta and broccoli with a Pepperidge Farm multi-grain roll (I love them).

With such a quick meal to whip up and an express workout, there’s plenty of time to tackle the homework assignment I have from my current class over at SavvyAuthors. Over the weekend I’ll share with you what the class is and what I’ve learned so far.

Before I go, I just wanted to let those of you who are visiting from the A-Z challenge that I appreciate your stopping by, but I am no longer participating. I found that I was just posting to post and I didn’t really feel the content I was putting out was of any quality (okay, I know that this may not be a prize-winning post but I feel good about it) and I really need to focus on writing, revising and my class.



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We All Need A Goal

Without a goal what do you have to look forward to? Whether it’s a personal or professional goal, we all need something to work at achieving. I’ve found that goals give hope. Sure, we may stumble from time to time but it’s the hope we harbor in ourselves to keep moving forward pushing away all the obstacles that stand in the way of us achieving our goals.

Writers have one big ultimate goal – seeing their novel published.

Well in order to get to that goal there are a ton of little goals that need to be reached along the way. There are articles, online classes and forums of your peers that offer ideas and suggestions on how to set goals and how to achieve them.

Identify your goal(s), pick your method and get going. Because if you don’t write you’ll never achieve the goal of being published. That’s a fact.

G = Goal



A Girl Just Wants To Have Fun

I know I wrote about exercise yesterday but this gal just can’t get enough. I love exercising. My friends think I’m crazy. After all, who likes to workout? Me! Me! Me!

It’s fun. (There’s my F word for today. 🙂 )

And more fun is on its way to my house. Today QVC has a special value and it’s Zumba! Yes!!!! I’ve been hoping and waiting that they’d have a TSV for Zumba. And the exercise goddess has done her magic and made it happen.

So this girl will be having a lot of fun in 7-10 business days.

I’ll leave you tonight with a sampling. Enjoy!


Fit Writer – Workout Options

The Romance Writer’s Report (RWA’s monthly magazine) has a new feature called the Well Writer. It focuses on health and fitness of writers. Today we are fortunate because we have so many different workout options that weren’t available a generation ago. There is something for everyone regardless of time constraints or fitness level.

So, lets dig right into what’s out there.


No learning curve here. Lace up your sneakers and get moving. Start off easy then increase distance and duration.


From step to kickboxing to traditional aerobics, you can get your heart rate up with so many different workouts you’ll never be bored. A fave of mine is rebounding. I highly recommend an Urban Rebounder. I found the best offer over at HSN.

Strength training

Machines, free weights, resistance bands. All will give you a good workout and help you build muscle. Ladies, don’t be afraid of a little muscle. Muscle burns fat. Gotta love it!

Dance aerobics

I’m not talking your mom’s Jazzercise. We’re talking CoreRhythms & Zumba & Tracey Anderson.


Ahhh. Breathe deeply and reach beyond your toes. Balance (body and mind), flexibility and strength all combined into a graceful workout.


This supercharge type of workout is all about speed. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the combination of low to moderate intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals.

Every writer (unless physically restricted) should do some type of exercise. This A-Z challenge shouldn’t be your only challenge. Grab a friend, fellow writer or find a group online and create a workout challenge to keep motivation high.

Did I miss your type of workout? If so, share.

E = Exercise




Writing is solitary. Writing is hard. Writing is revising. Writing is crazy.

So what sustains us through revisions, rejections and so-so reviews?

Belief in ourselves. Belief in our work.

In order for a writer to write day after day she/he must believe there is nothing else they are meant to do.

To believe is to fill a blank page with words, with breath, with love, with imagination.

To believe is to dream the wildest dreams and to see them play out on the page.

To believe is to hear people speak and capture those words for the page.

To believe is to never, ever give up.

B = Believe


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