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Stack Your Bones

No, it’s not the title of a suspense novel. Though, it could be. He’s a collector of the bones of his victims and his stacks them in his basement…I digress. Stack your bones is a Pilates phrase my new Pilates instructor used a few times last night when I took my first Pilates class. I loved it! Writers must move, they must stretch and elongate their bodies on a regular basis. Pilates and yoga are perfect practices for writers. I enjoy both but I think I’ve always leaned toward Pilates. For some time I’ve been doing Pilates at home but last night I had the opportunity to take a complimentary Pilates class to check it out and I fell head over heels in love. I’m signing up for weekly classes and I’m definitely going to ramp up my home practice.

Stacking your bones refers to getting your body into alignment after coming out of an exercise and not a serial killer. If my Pilates instructor only knew what I was thinking. 🙂

What workout have you ever fell head over heels in love with? Has that ever happened to you? Or, am I a bit obsessed?



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Happy Monday

It’s the start to another week and I’m still in the revision cave but I’m very close to being done. Since yesterday was Easter I didn’t get any writing done but I did eat well. 🙂 And the pups got their Easter gifts.

Billy with the toy he grabbed.

Susie with the other.

And then they switched toys. That could go on for hours. They each want what the other has. Just like kids. And a few grown-ups I know.

Today I’m focused on revising a scene from where I left off on Saturday. But I did make time to do a workout so I could burn off all that food from yesterday and the slice of Ricotta pie I had. I decided to pull out The Firm’s Dangerous Curves Ahead.


The workout uses a band and always gets my glutes. Ouch. Now I have to crawl upstairs to the shower. Wish me luck.


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A Short-Story and A Workout

My workout last night was The Firm’s Super Sculpting video. This workout is solid and tough, especially if you use heavier weights. It’s one of my favorites. Actually, I have very few Firms that I don’t love. The workout alternates between upper and lower body which keeps your heart rate up during the entire workout. Four instructors keep you moving through lunges, squats, lunges, biceps, triceps, more squats. Heavy weight, lower weight. It’s whatever works for you, where you are strength wise. When it was over, I definitely feel like I did a workout.


For writing, last night I got through half of pages of my short-story, incorporating E’s comments. The woman is a genius. I’d written the short-story a couple of years ago and it definitely needed another set of eyes. Sure there was a lot of red print on the pages, but if it makes the final result better then it’s all good.

Tonight after dinner, I hit the treadmill. The weather turned nasty very quickly. It got cooler and damper. We’re supposed to have rain later tonight. Once I was done with my workout I got down to business with the rest of my short-story. I finished making the edits and over the weekend I’ll print out the pages and read through. Then it’s off in the mail with my fingers crossed.

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Yoga and the Writer


I’ve been taking yoga classes. It’s something I’ve wanted to do but the thought of heading off to a class after work or worse, after I’m already home, never fit right with me. That’s the big reason I still workout at home. But one of the gals I work with is going for her yoga certification so she needs a certain number of student-teaching. This means for me and a few other co-workers the class is free. 🙂 That’s always a good thing.

Let me tell you, the first class (which is right after work, once a week) kicked my butt. Or, should I say arms. A half-hour (yes, I had my eye on the wall clock to keep track of the torture, sorry, I mean the bliss of yoga) of downward facing dog, plank and Chaturanga left my arms feeling like jelly. Thankfully, the remaining thirty minutes it was standing and balance poses.

The second class was less torture and I felt less like a pretzel. Now, I’ve done some yoga here with my dvds and I’ve always enjoyed it. But, so far in the class while I do enjoy the challenge of the poses, I’m not quite there in the “yoga mindset”.

Last night was supposed to be the third class, but Laura was sick so class was cancelled. It’ll be added to the schedule so we’ll have our complete six classes. But I wanted to do yoga. I popped in my Bethenny Frankel yoga workout and did it. As I moved from pose to pose I found I was stronger, more balanced and slipping into that “yoga mindset”. Though, I’m not totally there yet.

I think one of the reasons why I’ve hesitated to take a class is because of wondering if the other students would judge me. But I found for myself that when I’m in class I’m totally focused on me, my poses and Laura. I see no one else, so I’m guessing that the other students aren’t really paying that much attention to me either. I’m glad I tried something different.

What about you? What have you tried different lately?

Happy Writing,


A Girl Just Wants To Have Fun

I know I wrote about exercise yesterday but this gal just can’t get enough. I love exercising. My friends think I’m crazy. After all, who likes to workout? Me! Me! Me!

It’s fun. (There’s my F word for today. 🙂 )

And more fun is on its way to my house. Today QVC has a special value and it’s Zumba! Yes!!!! I’ve been hoping and waiting that they’d have a TSV for Zumba. And the exercise goddess has done her magic and made it happen.

So this girl will be having a lot of fun in 7-10 business days.

I’ll leave you tonight with a sampling. Enjoy!


Fit Writer – Workout Options

The Romance Writer’s Report (RWA’s monthly magazine) has a new feature called the Well Writer. It focuses on health and fitness of writers. Today we are fortunate because we have so many different workout options that weren’t available a generation ago. There is something for everyone regardless of time constraints or fitness level.

So, lets dig right into what’s out there.


No learning curve here. Lace up your sneakers and get moving. Start off easy then increase distance and duration.


From step to kickboxing to traditional aerobics, you can get your heart rate up with so many different workouts you’ll never be bored. A fave of mine is rebounding. I highly recommend an Urban Rebounder. I found the best offer over at HSN.

Strength training

Machines, free weights, resistance bands. All will give you a good workout and help you build muscle. Ladies, don’t be afraid of a little muscle. Muscle burns fat. Gotta love it!

Dance aerobics

I’m not talking your mom’s Jazzercise. We’re talking CoreRhythms & Zumba & Tracey Anderson.


Ahhh. Breathe deeply and reach beyond your toes. Balance (body and mind), flexibility and strength all combined into a graceful workout.


This supercharge type of workout is all about speed. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the combination of low to moderate intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals.

Every writer (unless physically restricted) should do some type of exercise. This A-Z challenge shouldn’t be your only challenge. Grab a friend, fellow writer or find a group online and create a workout challenge to keep motivation high.

Did I miss your type of workout? If so, share.

E = Exercise


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Sensing a Theme?

Here’s what I’m reading this weekend. See a theme?



Also included is the new issue of Shape magazine & Weight Watcher’s Magazine.

Writers spend too much time sitting.

Oh, it was almost a snow-free weekend but there was a brief snow shower here. But the temps are looking good for next week. Fingers crossed.