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Hero’s Journey for Mysteries

Today a new post was added to our class and it was on the Hero’s Journey. Now if you write romance you are familiar with it. It’s at the core of the mythic structure and pretty much goes like:

1. Hero lives in the Ordinary World
2. Call to Adventure
3. Refusal of the call
4. Crossing the Threshold (to some magical or new world)
5. Belly of the Whale – at this point, there is no return
6. Tests and Allies
7. Road of Trials
8. Ultimate Boon (which is the achievement of the goal)
9. Refusal of the Return (not necessarily by choice)
10. Refusal with the Elixir
11. Master of Two Worlds

So, how does that work for mysteries?

That’s a very good question. I’m going to find out as I’ll be trying this as I plot my new mystery.

I’ve spent a little time on using these elements in my plotting today. As I only had a few minutes I didn’t get very far.

For a mystery not only does the sleuth get pulled out of her ordinary world, so does the victim. Ain’t that the truth! But lets focus on my amateur sleuth for now.

1. Sleuth lives in Ordinary World. My sleuth’s world was already shook up when she received an inheritance that wasn’t quite what she was expecting when she is dragged out her ordinary world when she discovers the body of the woman who fired her from her last job.

2. Call to Adventure. When my sleuth finds the body she is immediately drawn to finding out who killed the woman but common sense will prevail.

3. Refusal of the Call. This will be determined by the investigating detective. He makes it clear to her that she’s to stay out of the investigation.

4. Crossing the Threshold. The sleuth crosses the investigation when she is labeled a person of interest, she must prove herself innocent and that means finding the murderer.

That’s all I have for now. The Test and Trials will come as I continue to brainstorm and plot.

Happy writing,