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How Do You Keep It All Together?

I’m talking about ALL the papers writing creates. Notes, drafts, outlines, character profiles, agent leads, editor info, contest info, critiques received, critiques to give, etc. Mounds of paperwork. then there’s the notebooks (love them), the pens, pencils, dozen of post-it note pads, magazines, books. I think I’m a fairly organized person. But lately while doing this revision (which I’m doing kicking and screaming) I can’t seem to get my desk organized. It’s messy, it’s chaotic, and I don’t know what to do with all the stuff. Well, I could easily spend the day and organize everything but that would be…hmm, what do we call that in the writing world? Oh, yes, procrastination. I won’t do it. I know that I will just have to suck it up and accept that my desk is messy. It’s like a punch to the gut. But when I’m done with this revision I will organize & clean up my desk.

So, how do you organize all your writing related materials? I’ll take any advice because what I’ve been doing all the long isn’t working for me and it’s time to change things.