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A Sleuth’s Dossier


My homework assignment a couple of days ago was to write my sleuth’s dossier – vital stats on her, personal background, her occupation, her fears, hopes and desires. As the instructor said, “the story starts and ends with character”. So whether you’re planning to write a single-title or a series, you have to know your characters inside out.

So, what makes a good character?


Hands down, readers love to read about characters that they can relate to on some level. You’ll need to dig deep into your character’s life to find the traits, quirks and habits that make her/him believable. Your characters should be multi-dimensional because people are not cardboard cutouts.


How can you not dislike somebody who seems to be perfect? Come on, fess up, there has been a time in your life when you ached to knock someone off their pedestal. (It’s okay, we won’t tell.) Creating main characters who have no flaws doesn’t draw readers to them, instead it pushes them away.


During the course of your story your characters should grow. They should learn something and change because of it. In a romance, the hero/heroine will begin with one view of love and will go through experiences in the novel that changes their views and that allows for the HEA. In a mystery, the sleuth begins with one view of the world and during the course of the investigation is changed forever. As a writer, you cannot be afraid of change or your characters will never reach their full potential.

This is the first time I am sitting down and writing a dossier and going through a list of questions, hard questions, about my main character. In the past I viewed it as a step that didn’t need to be done, hey I was creating the sleuth in my head so why did I need to do all this paperwork. I now see the value in doing this extra step. So, I’m off to continue with the rest of my character development assignment.

100×100 update: Day 6, 100 words.



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Day 5 of 100×100


I wanted to post a quick update on my 100 words for 100 days challenge.

Day 2 – 704 words
Day 3 – 106 words
Day 4 – 119 words
Today, Day 5 – 301 words

I’ve been mostly writing my sleuth’s back story and I’m getting to know her and her family. I also found something out about her I hadn’t expected, she doesn’t plan anything. Huh. I found that interesting since I plan most of what I do. Having a sleuth that doesn’t plan will be interesting to write.

Well, it’s Sunday and there are things to do. So this post is extra short, I just wanted to check in.

Have a great day!