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Weekends In Connecticut

This weekend’s biggest challenge has been to stay warm. Below zero temps? That’s just crazy. And we have to brace ourselves which is being described as the mother of all storms this coming week. Seriously, what’s up with Mother Nature? Aside from the cold, it’s been pretty much business as usual. Most of yesterday was filled with errands and some chores. And I took some time to complete the Bloggiesta challenges. It was fast but I learned a few new skills. I feel so techie now.

I was able to read a bit this morning. I’ve had Judi McCoy’s book in my TBR pile since it was released and last week I decided to read it.

Then there was some playtime with the pups. I’ve posted a few pictures of Billy recently and I don’t want Susie to feel neglected. So here’s a picture of her while we were playing. Yes, there is a Shih-Tzu in that picture. You just have to find her. 🙂

I also had time for a workout. Tonight I chose Leslie Sansone’s 5K with a Twist.

All in all, this weekend was quiet. Tomorrow it’s back to work and I have my short-story to finish this week. My deadline is the end of the month to have it revised. I’m confident I’ll make it. Hope you had a good weekend & you stayed warm. TTYL, Debra