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A Brand New Season


The new season of The Real Housewives of New York City has started and not much has changed. Drama. Pettiness. And great clothes.

Last season was a train wreck and it looks like history may repeat itself. Last year we suffered through Jill’s fight with Bethenny (over a stupid voice mail) and this season she has a thing going on with Alex (I’m not sure why.) Alex has a stick up her butt but she views it as becoming more outspoken. I guess we each have our own perspective. Kelly right now is a question mark while LuAnn shows off her new lover. Ramona is funny. Love that she admitted she had the chance to warn Jill that Alex was going to the wedding out in the Hamptons but decided what fun would that be, so she kept that little tidbit to herself. Come on, you gotta love her. Oh, and Ramona also traumatized a handful of women who interviewed to be her new assistant. I don’t want to forget Sonja. Well, maybe I do. Then there’s the new chick on the block. Cindy. She’s edgy and she’s already fighting with Ramona.

Hard to believe we’re not talking about tweens. These are grown women. See for yourself.

I guess a big reason why I watch this show is because I love New York City. I was born and raised there and I am a city girl at heart. I love seeing the busy streets, the vendors and the stores. I go down to visit on a regular basis because my parents still live there. But these ladies aren’t the first New York City housewives on television. There were a few others.

Lucy and Ethel

Alice and Trixie

As for this housewife? I prefer to keep the drama on the page between my characters.

H = Housewives