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More Snow

Woke up to this.

030713 001

It kinda snowed all day yesterday but nothing stuck to the ground. Mother Nature made up for it over night and she’s still going strong. But I guess the bright side is that I have a few extra hours today to write…after I spend some quality time with the snow blower.




Is It Spring Yet?

Let me tell you that when cabin fever and spring fever collide it ain’t pretty.

I want this:

June July 2011 049

June July 2011 056

October2011 083

But I have this:

011210 007

012611 001

So I did this: (shopping)

021813 029

But I should have been doing this:

Oct 22 2012 027

Looks like Billy is just taking all in stride:

021813 030

In true Susie character she’s just doing her thing:

021813 B 002
So are you dealing with cabin or spring fever or both? Is so, what are you doing to make it through to the first day of spring?


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Snow Day and A New Chapter

It snowed again. This round was heavy, wet snow. It was not a pleasant experience clearing the driveway but I got my cardio and toning session in for the day.

I was able to get a few photos today. One of our resident deers was out early this morning. Then later in the day, Stella and BB (Baby Bird) was out. After a quick bite to eat, one of the turkeys took a drink of water in our stream. When I was finished clearing the slushy, heavy snow I headed back inside to work on chapter seven of my new WIP. It’s progressing nicely and I’ve just sent two more chapters to my critique partner to read through.

Holiday Pound Cake 120212 001

Dec272012 001

Dec272012 005

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Too Good To Believe

The weather is too good to believe. March 14th and just under 70 degrees with a forecast of possibly warmer weather for next week. With warm temps I start thinking about smoothies. I love them and I prefer to make my own. So, I pulled out the blender and hit the freezer for ingredients to make a Yogurt & Mixed Fruit Smoothie.

Got my ingredients.

Add all ingredients to the blender plus a scoop of protein powder. Blend.


Yogurt & Mixed Fruit Smoothie:

1/2 cup fat-free vanilla Greek Yogurt

1/2 cup fat-free milk

1/2 teaspoon honey

1 cup frozen mixed fruit

Half-scoop protein powder

Combine, blend & enjoy

Now, for the signs of an early spring. Look what I found outside today.

It really does seem to good to be true. I can’t help wonder what the “real” spring and summer will be like.

As for writing, today I read and critiqued a chapter from my crit partner. I have to get it back to her by the end of the week.

I hope you had a great day.


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Too Good To Be True

The weather, that is. Oh, my goodness. Today was simply beautiful. It hit 65 degrees here. So that meant only one thing – a walk.



With their workout done, it’s time for mine and then I have to read the critique on my mystery short-story that I just got back from my crit partner.

Have a great evening.


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A Writer’s Toolbox


Like any other professional, a writer needs a few tools she can rely on to get the job done. While we share the basics – computer, pens, notebooks – I think we all have a few specialty tools that we utilize.

Some of my specialty tools:

Online thesaurus. It’s fast to access and easy to use. Luv it!

Online writer loops. I frequent Crimescenewriter. They are a wealth of info on all things criminal.

A blog I frequent is The Writer’s Forensic blog

I use music. Music inspires me sometimes. I never know when inspiration will hit, so it’s hit or miss. I think my muse likes to get-down. 🙂

News. Real life can spark an idea for a character or an entire story. Local news, evening news, either on t.v. or online. It’s a great tool for writers.

I guess I like to keep my toolbox lean and efficient. So what about you? What tools do you rely on the get the job done?

Now, I’d like to take a moment and say one word. SNOW. It happened again. We got at least 10 inches. And there’s talk of another storm in a few days and they’re using that four letter word to describe it – FOOT. Another foot of snow??? The ground hog will never be able to make his way up his hole if this continues.

Okay, I’m done ranting. Now for some pictures from earlier today.

I finally got a picture of our resident woodpecker in the snow, though not a great picture.

After snow removal I took the dogs outside. Susie loves the snow while Billy doesn’t really care for it. So, Susie was a little challenging to photograph since she just wanted to dive into the white stuff. Turns out our goals conflicted. 🙂

Case in point. She was looking at me for a moment then her attention drifted back to the snow.

Susie eating snow.

Here she is after she gets her face out of the snow.

I heard on the news that there is about 51 days to spring. 51 days. I guess it’s something to hold onto. And until then, when all the snow is moved we can shift our focus to writing. I may not know much about my story right now, but I can tell you that it’s not set in the cold, snowy weather. It’s nice and warm where my sleuth is. Yes, I am a little bit jealous of her.


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Weekends In Connecticut

This weekend’s biggest challenge has been to stay warm. Below zero temps? That’s just crazy. And we have to brace ourselves which is being described as the mother of all storms this coming week. Seriously, what’s up with Mother Nature? Aside from the cold, it’s been pretty much business as usual. Most of yesterday was filled with errands and some chores. And I took some time to complete the Bloggiesta challenges. It was fast but I learned a few new skills. I feel so techie now.

I was able to read a bit this morning. I’ve had Judi McCoy’s book in my TBR pile since it was released and last week I decided to read it.

Then there was some playtime with the pups. I’ve posted a few pictures of Billy recently and I don’t want Susie to feel neglected. So here’s a picture of her while we were playing. Yes, there is a Shih-Tzu in that picture. You just have to find her. 🙂

I also had time for a workout. Tonight I chose Leslie Sansone’s 5K with a Twist.

All in all, this weekend was quiet. Tomorrow it’s back to work and I have my short-story to finish this week. My deadline is the end of the month to have it revised. I’m confident I’ll make it. Hope you had a good weekend & you stayed warm. TTYL, Debra