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100 x 100 Challenge


Have you ever done a 100×100 challenge? I haven’t but over at WritingGIAM I signed up for the loop and I am going to give it a try. What could be the worse that could happen? Surely I can write 100 words a day. Right?

I posted this morning for the first time and I got such a warm welcome from the ladies on the loop. I read their posts and they are so supportive of each other. And every writer needs that. While we may have friends and family members who are supportive our of efforts, it’s different when it comes from another writer. She knows what we’re going through. She knows the struggle not only to get 100 words on a page but to get to the last page of the manuscript then to write the synopsis then to sweat the pitch before we send our baby out into the harsh world of publishing. So that seemingly little “way to go girl” when you’ve only written 100 words means the world to a writer facing a blank document every day.

We like to think writing is a solitary job but it really takes a village. 🙂 We all committed to the same challenge and we’re going to see each one of us through it.

My plan for the month is to write a minimum of 100 words a day about backstory, character profiles, plot, dialogue, scene snippets because I need an outline before I begin writing the ms. in February. There’s also something else I want to accomplish. I want to get into the habit of writing on my laptop. I’ve had it for years and barely use it. Of course now I’m dying to buy a new shiny one that’s ultra-thin and shiny but since I really can’t justify the purchase until I use my current laptop on a regular basis (and selling something would help out my cause a great deal) I have to make due with the one I got.

Today’s word count: 113