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A New Season

It’s been awhile. By the date of my last post it’s almost been a year since I posted here. So what have I been doing?

1. Writing. I finished two manuscripts and started a third.

2. Blogging. I’ve been spending time on two other blogs.

3. Reading. Not as much as I would like.

4. Working. Yep, the day job.

What have I realized over this past year?

1. I was able to complete something I thought I couldn’t do – I wrote two manuscripts.

2. I really don’t want to be a blogger, I’m a writer.

3. I have re-adjusted my publishing focus. I have become more interested in independent publishing and I’m intrigued and preparing to make the leap.

4. I love writing.

So what happens this year?

1. I have four new projects I will be focusing on over the next few months.

2. I have signed up for a class that will introduce the basics of independent publishing.

3. I will be attending a writer’s conference in a month.

4. I will be tackling the garden. I expect the time spent out there will help me with brainstorming.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.



No Need To Explain

There is no need to explain why your character did something. If you ask somebody to read your work (another writer or reader) and they question a character’s motivation for doing something, don’t waste your time explaining why the character did it unless you need to work through HOW to show your character’s motivation for doing something because clearly you didn’t. Pointing out that in prior chapters/scenes you’d set up the so-called motivation doesn’t cut it. Or, simply say “thank you” and move on. Because if you so strongly believe you have all your ducks in a row, then clearly the person who posed the question will get it. Maybe I don’t get it, but I do know motivation when I see it. And I also know that writing is tough. Hell, critique is tough. But it’s all apart of the job.

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Five Things About Nikki

I’m thinking a lot about the heroine of my current WIP these days. She’s in kinda a tough spot right now. Lets just say that body number two is on the horizon.

Knowing your characters is essential to writing a character driven story. So in thinking about Nikki as I write her story and get to know her, I’ve come up with five things about her that I didn’t know when I started the book.

1. She’s a yogi. She’s a certified yoga teacher.
2. She doesn’t like knitting (when I started the book she did).
3. She lost her best friend when she needed a friend the most.
4. She likes country music.
5. She volunteers.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Nikki as I continue to write her story.

Small Talk

What things did you learn about your heroine/hero that you didn’t know when you started writing your book?


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To Sprint or Not to Sprint

I’m currently taking a class over at SavvyAuthors, Writing a Short Story for an Anthology Call Out with Louisa Bacio. One of the assignments has been to do a writing sprint. Set aside an hour of writing and write 1,000 words. I decided to give it a try. Last night I wrote just over a 1,000 words for my novella, which has a projected word count of 12,000 words. This writing was fast and the end result wasn’t pretty. But I have new words to polish and edit. Inspired by my successful sprint last night, I did a mini-one this evening. And right now I have 5,013 words total. The line I am targeting has a minimum word count of 10,000. So I’m halfway there. Woo-hoo.

I’ll be sprinting again.


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Snow Day and A New Chapter

It snowed again. This round was heavy, wet snow. It was not a pleasant experience clearing the driveway but I got my cardio and toning session in for the day.

I was able to get a few photos today. One of our resident deers was out early this morning. Then later in the day, Stella and BB (Baby Bird) was out. After a quick bite to eat, one of the turkeys took a drink of water in our stream. When I was finished clearing the slushy, heavy snow I headed back inside to work on chapter seven of my new WIP. It’s progressing nicely and I’ve just sent two more chapters to my critique partner to read through.

Holiday Pound Cake 120212 001

Dec272012 001

Dec272012 005


Author Meet Murray

There I was BICHOK (for non-writers translation – Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard) beginning chapter six of my new WIP. The heroine is being driven to the hero’s house and they enter. I had this vision of a contemporary home with a massive stone fireplace, masculine furniture and some family photos (he’s a family guy) and then out of nowhere Murray appeared.

Who is Murray?

The hero’s mutt, of course.

Did I know he had a dog?

Nope. No clue. Murray just appeared. It seemed right at the moment and it turns out that later in the evening Murray made the rounds to check on the house and ended up in the guest room with the heroine and of course the hero comes looking for Murray. Some could argue that Murray is a device but he’s a device with big brown eyes and a wagging tail, so who could resist?

While writing, has a character ever just appeared on the paper or computer screen? Did you go with it or nudge the character off the page and continue on with your writing?

I’ve decided that I’m keeping Murray.


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Prepping for Nano

Today I spent some time getting ready for Nano and that included pulling together the second act of my manuscript. With this project I decided to try using the three-act structure and so far I’m happy with it. Well, I’m happy with the first act. 🙂 The second act is a little more challenging. But I think I’m making headway. Take a look at what I was working with.

My little writing buddies, Susie & Billy, can confirm that prepping for Nano can be exhausting. Take a look.

Now, if that isn’t support I don’t know what is.